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Welcome to the WoodLtdŽ Studio online gallery. Here you will find examples of our fine custom art glass doors and stained glass windows. We're a custom manufacturer of fine glass large doors and windows. Our studio creates magnificent one of a kind custom stained glass doors and art glass windows.

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Art Glass Door Art Glass Teak Door Art Glass Wood Door

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Stained Art Glass Door Art Glass Hardwood Door Art Glass Sidelights Door

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Art Glass Green Door Painted Glass Door Transom Art Glass Door

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Fine Art Glass Door Artistic Glass Door Arty Glass Door

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Creative Glass Door Inventive Glass Door Pattern Art Glass Door

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Colored Glass Door Artistic Glass Door Color Glass Door

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Mosaic Glass Door Design Glass Door Custom Glass Door

Art & Stained Glass Doors and Windows | Page-1 | Page-2

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Master craftsmen at WoodLtd glass studio have been creating beautiful custom-designed sandblasted, carved glass art since 1981. Magnificent architectural custom glass etching and carved glass elements such as glass entry systems, a layered and carved glass door, decorative etched windows and transoms, mirrors, carved glass bath & shower enclosures, glass tables, dividers, partitions, and carved glass sculptures become works of art when created in carved and etched glass by our glass art designer team. Air brushed color is also applied to complement your decor and interior design specifications. While our main focus is carved and etched glass, WoodLtd creates beautiful architectural pieces in leaded glass as well.

We specialize in all areas of door and window configuration and utilizes this expertise to assist architects, builders and homeowners worldwide looking for "just the right door" for a new or existing home. Our designers will turn your vision into a wonderful work of art in glass. Using your ideas and needs, we will produce design options, drawings and color suggestions for your approval. Contact us and explore the possibilities.

Art Glass the colored glass used for making decorative windows and other objects through which light passes. Strictly speaking, all colored glass is stained, or colored by the addition of various metallic oxides while it is in a molten state; nevertheless, the term stained glass has come to refer primarily to the glass employed in making ornamental or pictorial windows. The singular color harmonies of the stained-glass window are due less to any special glass-coloring technique itself, however, than to the exploitation of certain properties of transmitted light and the light-adaptive behavior of human vision. Rarely equaled and never surpassed, the great stained-glass windows of the 12th and early 13th centuries actually predate significant technical advances in the glassmaker's craft by more than half a century. And much as these advances undoubtedly contributed to the delicacy and refinement of the stained glass of the later Middle Ages, not only were they unable to arrest the decline of the art, they may rather have hastened it to the extent that they tempted the stained-glass artist to vie with the fresco and easel painter in the naturalistic rendition of his subjects. Neither painting on stained glass nor its assembly with grooved strips of leading is an indispensable feature of the art. Indeed, the leaded window may well have been preceded by windows employing wooden or other forms of assembly such as the cement tracery that has long been traditional in Islamic architecture; and the single most important technical innovation in 20th-century stained glass, slab glass and concrete, is a variation on the earlier masonry technique

Stained Glass: in general, windows made of colored glass. To a large extent, the name is a misnomer, for staining is only one of the methods of coloring employed, and the best medieval glass made little use of it. Colored glass as window decoration is of great antiquity in East Asia. Muslim designers fitted small pieces of it into intricate window traceries of stone, wood, or plaster, and this type of window mosaic is still in use. Colored glass was used in windows of Christian churches as early as the 5th cent., and pictorial glass as early as the 10th cent. Medieval Stained Glass: With the development of medieval architecture, stained glass assumed a unique structural and symbolic importance. As the Romanesque massiveness of the wall was eliminated, the use of glass was expanded. It was integrated with the lofty vertical elements of Gothic architecture, thus providing greater illumination. Symbolically, it was regarded as a manifestation of divine light. In these transparent mosaics, biblical history and church dogmas were portrayed with great effectiveness. Resplendent in its material and spiritual richness, stained glass became one of the most beautiful forms of medieval artistic expression

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Custom leaded beveled glass doors, stained glass windows and doors. All work is custom!

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WoodLtdŽ Studio
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WoodLtdŽ Studio is located in Thailand and offers custom stained glass in almost all applications ranging from stained glass windows, entry ways, doors, transoms, sidelights, cabinet doors, etched mirrors and glass.

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Our commitment to the highest standards of quality has earned us an impeccable reputation among developers, designers and owners of the most exclusive residences. References are available upon request. All commissions are designed and fabricated on our premises, assuring the finest quality control possible. Since our products are essentially pieces of art, we will design it to suit your individual needs and tastes.

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Please enjoy browsing our site where you will see many examples of our works of etched glass art such as custom glass etching, carved glass, stained glass windows and art glass doors. Thank you for your interest in WoodLtdŽ Studio Thailand.
Your best source for leaded beveled glass doors and stained glass windows. Custom handcrafted art glass panels for windows, doors, sidelights, transoms and full entries. Specializing in custom beveled glass, stained glass, and leaded glass. All work is custom. A warm Thai sabadi crap to you, Partner! We ship our products worldwide!
Built on quality workmanship and continued customer satisfaction, WoodLtdŽ Studio is the place for all your custom stained glass, handcrafted beveled glass doors and leaded glass needs. Our commitment has always been to provide the finest
craftsmanship at affordable prices.
Custom stained glass doors and custom glass doors, beveled glass, art glass and French doors custom designed.
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