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All of WoodLtd Studio products are manufactured on a per order basis. Therefore we can build your doors to almost any specifications you require. Wood species, rough opening sizes, wall thickness, sash thickness, stile and rail widths, custom jambs or trim details and specialty art (stained) glass types are just some of the options we offer. We offer a wide selection of custom models. You're sure to find the one that not only expresses the impression you wish to convey, but one which lasts a lifetime as well.

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Sphinx Door Artistic Door Athena Door

Greek Door Mythology Door Ornamental Door

Neptune Door Egyptian Door Hermes Door

Aphrodite Door Mythology Door Zeus Door

Phoenix Door Roman Door Hellenic Door

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Shop drawings are prepared for all projects. WoodLtd Studio drafting person works in close contact with all customers and architects and makes certain all drawings are fully understood and approved before starting fabrication. Each of our products is custom crafted to your individual specifications. We use only the finest materials.

Art or Artistic refers to the visual arts, the concept of what art is has continuously changed over centuries. Perhaps the most concise definition is its broadestart refers to all creative human endeavors, excluding actions directly related to survival and reproduction. From a wide perspective, art is simply a generic term for any product of the creative impulse, out of which sprang all other human pursuits such as science via alchemy, and religion via shamanism. The term art offers no true definition besides those based within the cultural, historical and geographical context in which it is applied.

Artists deliberately or not, work under the influence of other artists of the past and present. Much of the development of individual artists deals with finding structured principles for how to express certain ideas through various kinds of symbolism. For example, Vasily Kandinsky famously developed his use of color in painting through a system of stimulus response, where over time he gained an understanding of the emotions that can be evoked by color and combinations of color. Contemporary artist Andy Goldsworthy, on the other hand, chose to use the medium of found natural objects and materials to arrange temporary sculptures; the only record of these sculptures brought back to the world comes in the form of a modest photograph.

Carving The essential features of the direct method of carving are the same; the sculptor starts with a solid mass of material and reduces it systematically to the desired form. After he has blocked out the main masses and planes that define the outer limits of the forms, he works progressively over the whole sculpture, first carving the larger containing forms and planes and then the smaller ones until eventually the surface details are reached. Then he gives the surface whatever finish is required. Even with a preliminary model as a guide, the sculptor's concept constantly evolves and clarifies as the work proceeds; thus, as he adapts his design to the nature of the carving process and the material, his work develops as an organic whole.

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Select from our many designs or have us build a special door made to your specifications. We can create any type of door imaginable. Our custom doors are available in a wide selection of thickness ranging from 1-1/4" to 3" and more.

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WoodLtd Studio is leading the way to manufacturing the best custom-made doors available. Quality work demands quality materials and highly skilled craftsmen, both of which are common components in WoodLtd Studio.

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The WoodLtd Studio craftsman strives for perfection in every door he creates. Craftsmanship at WoodLtd is not a rare commodity, it's a standard. We offer such a wide selection of custom models that you're sure to find the one that not only expresses the impression you wish to convey, but one which will last a lifetime as well.

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Today, consumers expect doors to be beautiful as well as durable. And, since first impressions are so important, we at
WoodLtd Studio offer products that are built to satisfy both needs. Our expertise in design is strengthened by
our painstaking attention to detail as well as quality in each door.
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