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Carved Doors: hand carved exterior and interior large doors. Sculpted by hand, these unique doors are art in relief. The natural tones of the red and yellow teak provide rich contrasts that will captivate your guests. These doors are solid and sturdy and are made from the highest quality of natural wood. We do custom build the door to your requirements. The images can be your own idea or from photographs. In renovations, a WoodLtd Studio carved door can be an economical solution to an architecturally challenged building.

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Carved Door Carved Wood Door Carved Teak Door

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Carved Custom Door Carved Art Door Carved Artistic Door

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Hand Carved Door Carved Hardwood Door Carved Large Door

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Carved Design Door Carved Front Door Carved Exterior Door

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Carving Hand-carved Doors by WoodLtd Studio open the beautiful world to your home with an exquisitely hand-carved door. Each door is a unique work of art custom carved with a design created from your ideas or based on one of WoodLtd many themes. Types of wood we use in various carvings include exotic Burmese teak and Malaysian teangwood. Accents for your door might include a unique antler door handle, inlaid turquoise or gold, or stained glass. Each door is hand rubbed with tung oil tobring out the rich warmth of the wood and provide a protective finish. These doors are especially striking in log, timber framed, adobe and cedar homes.

Artists WoodLtd artisans and carvers are talented and spiritual artists, specializing in sculpture, bas relief carving of wooden doors and wall hangings as well as other carvings such as large wood sculptures, signs for ranches, homes and businesses, furniture and valances. WoodLtd carving designs feature many styles such as: antique, arts, classic, coat of arms, custom, insignia, Mexican, Moroccan, Victorian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Hindu, American Indian, crests, heraldry, human, wildlife, animal design and much more!

Direct Carving The process of direct carving imposes a characteristic order on the forms of sculpture. The faces of the original block, slab, or cylinder of material can usually still be sensed, existing around the finished work as a kind of implied spatial envelope limiting the extension of the forms in space and connecting their highest points across space. In a similar way, throughout the whole carving, smaller forms and planes can be seen as contained within implied larger ones. Thus, an ordered sequence of containing forms and planes, from the largest to the smallest, gives unity to the work.

Indirect Carving All of the great sculptural traditions of the past used the direct method of carving, but in Western civilization during the 19th and early 20th centuries it became customary for stone and, to a lesser extent, wood sculpture to be produced bythe indirect method. This required the production of a finished clay model that was subsequently cast in plaster and then reproduced in stone or wood in a more or less mechanical way by means of a pointing machine (see Pointing below). Usually the carving was not done by the sculptor himself. At its worst, this procedure results in a carved copy of a design that was conceived in terms of clay modeling. Although indirect carving does not achieve aesthetic qualities that are typical of carved sculpture, it does not necessarily result in bad sculpture. Rodin's marble sculptures, for example, are generally considered great works of art even by those who object to the indirect methods by which they were produced. The indirect method has been steadily losing ground since the revival of direct carving in the early 20th century, and today it is in general disrepute among carvers.

Teak: is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other articles where weather resistance is desired. It is also used for indoor flooring and as a veneer for indoor furnishings. Teak is easily worked and has natural oils that make it suitable for use in exposed locations, where it is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish. Teak cut from old trees grown slowly in natural forests is more durable and harder; teak from young trees grown in plantations is more prone to splitting and water damage. Teak is used extensively in India to make doors and window panes, furniture and columns and beams in old type houses. It is very resistant to the attack of termites. The mature teak fetches a very good price. The age of the tree can be assessed from the annular rings formed every year inside the trunk. Teak is grown extensively by forest departments of different states in forest areas. Its popularity has led to growth in sustainable production throughout the seasonally dry tropics in forestry plantations. Teak does not grow in the rainforest and its consumption encompasses a different set of environmental concerns, such as the disappearance of rare old-growth teak. Experiments are on to arrive at vegetative propagation from one year old stem cuttings. Popular in the 1950s and 1960s in a style often known as Danish modern, teak furniture has had a second boom in popularity. Teak is one of the most sought-after types of vintage furniture. Teak is used as a food plant by the larvae of moths of the genus Endoclita including E. aroura, E. chalybeatus, E. damor, E. gmelina, E. malabaricus, E. sericeus and E. signifer and other Lepidoptera including Turnip Moth. Much of the world's teak is exported by Indonesia and Myanmar.

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Design Doors WoodLtd Studio have designed, built and hand-carved many doors. Here are a few examples. If you are interested in commissioning your own door please contact us and we'll build unfinished or finished door in any style, size and design.

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Carved Doors carved wood mantels, lintels and casing, nature, wildlife & traditional architectural woodcarving and wood
sculpture. WoodLtd Studio use of high relief and three dimensional carving on its carved doors and carved mantels as well as his masterly applications of airbrush stain brings out the detail and dimension in a manner that stands above other architectural carvings. Tour WoodLtd collection of previously completed door projects, woodcarvings and let your imagination soar.
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