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WoodLtd Studio is a leading provider of high quality classic custom doors, sidelights, casing, lintels, transoms, windows and large metal gates for your home and office. In addition to our doors, we offer custom stained glass design from our in-house professional designers. We're a classic door manufacturer and exporter for the home and office building industry. We provide you the finest doors for your home at the price you can afford.

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Solid Teak wood is a wonderful and one of the best building material, offering efficiency, beauty and variety not offered by other door materials. We offer quality and value. Teak a superior wood, yet priced comparably less. The wood door offers you the look and feel of true class. Resistant to termites, damage - no splitting, cracking or warping. Distinctive wood grain appearance that stains beautifully. Wide variety of decorative ornaments and stained art glass options. Choose the door you've always wanted from over 4,000 styles, including matching sidelights, lintels, casing and transoms. We manufacture the complete classic wood door system. All components are designed, engineered and manufactured for top-quality performance and appearance.

Classic Door an item that has become a ubiquitous and unique symbol or icon of a time gone by. Examples include classic literature, classic architecture, classic furniture, classic doors, classic cars, classic rock music, classical music, classic TV shows and others. Every step from design to manufacture through to installation is carried out to your satisfaction and comply with the Building Code Regulations. A guarantee for durability of our doors, windows and gates with every completed product. We also provide a warranty for each door we deliver. Our advice is free and friendly and our commitment to quality and service, unsurpassed.

Double Door is a structure in a wall that allows easy conversion between an opening and a closed wall. It is found in many houses and other buildings, as well as in vehicles, cupboards, cages, etc. See door furniture for a discussion of attachments to doors such as door handles and doorknobs.

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Warranty: our wood exterior door system carries a 2-years Limited Warranty. Take a close look at WoodLtd Studio door systems and youll know why builders, contractors and homeowners across the globe have chosen WoodLtd as the leading brand of classic wood exterior doors.

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WoodLtd Studio has elegant, secure and energy-efficient solutions to the problem of worn out exterior and interior doors. Our designs range from classical to contemporary, so its easy to find the style thats right for you. We also offer a wide range of wood doors, classic doors, front doors, double doors with the perfect finishing touch to your replacement or new door project.

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Quality & Value. No other decorative door company has our dedication to quality - quality of the door, the glass panels, finishing, etc. We produce our doors and decorative glass panels in our studio-factory in Bangkok, Thailand and you will find that our prices are extremely competitive and offer an excellent value. In addition, we offer what is possibly the most extensive selection of decorative entry doors anywhere. Add to this our limited warranty and you can rest assured that your decision to purchase our product will reward you for many years.
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