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Welcome to WoodLtd Studio Thailand. There is something very distinctive and personal about classical wood doors, as they set a style for the entire surroundings. Making your selection is often such a personal choice, so you need to talk to someone who has the knowledge, experience and attention you deserve.

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Oriental Door Hardwood Door Colonial Door

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Victorian Door Lion Head Door Traditional Door

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Classical Door Ornamental Door Louis IV Door

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Bali Door English Door European Door

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Classic Door Double Door Flower Door

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Antique Door Wood Door Half-Arch Door

Radius Door

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Beauty and Warmth: wood doors can be finished to match the interior decor of your home, including your floor, stairway or furniture. Insulation: wood doors are natural insulators, with excessive heat or cold remaining on the outside of your house. Variety: wood doors can easily be trimmed to fit the exact entry requirements of your individual home. In addition, the rich, warm appearance of the wood grain can be accented by ornaments, carving or staining with a variety of wood finishes. Nothing else has the beauty of real wood doors.

Classical Style In the study of the Classic stage, there has been a strong bias in favor of the Maya; this is not surprising in view of the fact that the Maya have been studied far longer than any other people in Meso-America. But the concept of a Classic period is a case of the Maya tail wagging the Meso-American dog, since the usual span given to that stageAD 250900is the period during which the Maya were erecting dated stone monuments. This brackets the Maya apogee, but for most areas of non-Maya Meso-America only the first half of the period may be accurately called a golden age. While the famous and yet mysterious Maya collapse took place at about AD 900, in many other regions this downfall occurred almost three centuries earlier.

Qualitatively, there is little to differentiate the Classic from the Late Formative that preceded it. Various tendencies that were crystallizing in the last centuries before the Christian Era reached fulfillment in the Classic. Two cultures stand out beyond all others. One is that of Teotihuacn, which during the Early Classic played a role in Meso-America similar to that which Olmec had performed in the Early Formative. The second is the lowland Maya civilization, which during its six centuries of almost unbroken evolution in the humid forests reached cultural heights never achieved before or since by New World natives. The contrast between the twoone urban and expansionist, the other less urban and non-expansionistexemplifies well the cultural results of the ecological possibilities offered by highland and lowland Meso-America.

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WoodLtd have been making doors, windows and gates for over 50 years. Designing and crafting doors requires a unique craftsmanship,
a discerning eye for beauty and functionality, an ability and willingness to listen to our customers' wishes, combined with the objective of delivery perfection.

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WoodLtd Studio believes that delivering high quality doors, has given our company the success it enjoys today. In this catalog you will find examples of our doors, windows and gates. Together we can create any size or style you wish, reflecting the individual character of your home or workplace.

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Durable: our wood classic exterior door with a durable, carved surface wont dent, crack, split or splinter. It resists shrinking and swelling with temperature changes allowing the finish to last three times longer than ordinary non-teak wood door. Finishing and staining of WoodLtd Studio teak doors to look just like a royal or castle door. Our Finishing System is available in ten (10) popular stain colors and it contains everything needed to achieve a professional finish.
WoodLtd Studio Thailand has shown great innovation in the decorative door, window and metal gate market. Through superior customer relations and an excellent R&D department, WoodLtd has achieved exceptional sales and customer satisfaction. The marketing and research department has helped WoodLtd stay ahead of the competition and foresee future customer needs and trends. Their competitive advantage has been lower production and manufacturing costs due to their timely acquisition of assets.
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