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Welcome to WoodLtdŽ custom wood doors & frames. The custom made door professionals. At WoodLtdŽ we use only the highest quality materials in making our custom wood doors and frames. We manufacture each one of them to the most exacting standards. Fine custom hardwood doors, custom built frames or one of a kind art doors and quality woodworking. If it can be made, it is made at WoodLtdŽ. You're sure to find the crème de le sawdust.

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Gothic Door: Doors in Gothic houses were usually unglazed. In the most strongly Gothic houses, doors were ledged, with vertical planks or planks in a herringbone pattern. Oak was a prized wood. After 1860 it was more common to see glazed and leaded front doors. Typical colours used for painted front doors of pine or deal were dark blue, chocolate brown (favoured by Eastlake), deep red, or else olive green. Graining was also used. A key feature of the front door was a set of ornamental fittings, ideally in wrought iron. Regular door-to-door postal deliveries began in 1840 and the small letter-plate was introduced. Larger items were received by a maid or other domestic servant. The other furniture was a knocker and a pull to help to close the door. Internal Gothic doors might have been ledged, or else were panelled. As with the front door, those of better quality wood were polished, while those of pine and deal were either grained or painted. They were fitted with finger plates of iron or else brass.

WoodLtdŽ Product line includes: arch doors and frames, design doors, jambs, lintels, sidelights, transoms and frames, handcrafted doors, carved wood doors, specialty teak doors and frames, knocked down frames, made to order doors and frames, specially made doors and frames, exterior and interior doors, raised panel doors and shadow-line frames, round top doors and frames, hardwood front doors, artistic doors and frames and main entry doors. As a custom manufacturer we understand that each order is unique. We listen to our customers and work out the details to meet the specific requires of each opening. Through our high level of customer service and innovative manufacturing ideas, we lead the door industry. Open up the door and let life in. Greet friends, welcome your family or simply watch as life passes by. It's possible with stunning custom entry doors from WoodLtdŽ Studio. With our beautifully handcrafted doors, elegant decorative art glass options, stained glass and inviting window and door combinations, it's easy to make a grand entrance. In fact, studies show that your home's perceived value can increase as much as 6% with an enhanced entryway! And we understand that all the living going on around the front door can be more interesting than the door itself. That's why WoodLtdŽ custom entry doors offer durable performance for decades of worry-free comings and goings. After all, it's not just home improvement it's a lifetime investment.

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An elaborate, well-made door is the crowning piece to any building. At WoodLtdŽ Studio we joint all our doors with 4 inch tenon. The mortis and tenon joint is the strongest, most reliable, and visually pleasing joint we have come across, and has been used for centuries. From the lightest summer-time screen door to the heaviest fortress-style solid teak wood door;
each is made to withstand a lifetime of use, while maintaining its accurate angles, solidity, and beauty.

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Custom Made (made to order) produced to supply a special or an individual demand. Ideally suited (as to a particular purpose). Made to individual specifications.
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