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Custom Gates Fences Design Handmade
Cast Antique Victorian Colonial Artistic Style

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WoodLtdŽ specialize in custom aluminum gates with emphasis on antique and innovative design. Our unique designs set us apart from the rest and we offer styles to fit every taste. We provide steel, aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron gates at competitive prices. We will be happy to work with you on all levels including custom design, yours or ours. Select one of our designs or email us with your own ideas! We also build fencing for gated communities, contractors and architects. We ship our products worldwide. For more info go to please...

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Residential Gate Customized Fence Handcrafted Gate

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Signature Gate Sculpted Gate Architectural Fence

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Specialty Gate Handmade Fence Access Gate

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Colonial Fence Regal Gate Majestic Gate

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Splendid Gate Ultimate Fence Emperor Gate

Decorative Gate

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We specialize in the production of fine ornamental iron and hand forged wrought iron. WoodLtdŽ works with architects, designers and homeowners. Specializing in hand forged wrought ironwork, blacksmiths and blacksmithing, custom fencing and gates, hardware, ornamental ironwork, driveway gates, railings, period style ironwork, architectural reproductions and garden gates. WoodLtdŽ aluminum fences and gates are manufactured from sturdy aluminum alloy materials with baked enamel finishes for low maintenance, weather resistance, long life, added security, good appearance, increased property value, lightweight ease of use and robust construction.

WoodLtdŽ Gates are engineered to be one of the strongest aluminum residential fence product on the market. Designed using large pickets, rails, and posts to achieve an 8' post spacing. Assembled using stainless steel fasteners or aluminum pop rivets, these panels have the solid look of ornamental iron, without the high maintenance of welded panels. Because it's made from aluminum, red rust problems will not develop to detract from the beauty of your fence. All our components are powder-coated for durability, and to keep your fence attractive for many years. A Limited Lifetime Warranty reinforces your peace of mind in knowing you've purchased the best aluminum ornamental fence available.

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Special Offer
Royal Alloy Gate
Special Offer
$18,376.00 USD
$6,665.00 USD

WoodLtdŽ is proud to offer its beautiful ornamental aluminum gates. These gates add the esteem of an "estate" to any drive.
You can have an entrance fit for a KING or QUEEN!!! We'll custom design and build your gate and fencing system.

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WoodLtdŽ Studio
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WoodLtdŽ Studio is a leading manufacturer of alloy and stainless steel products in Thailand. Our main purpose is a manufacturing of high quality alloy and stainless steel items. We export casting parts, metal gates, aluminum fencing,
decorative accessories and finished goods to over 50 countries.

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WoodLtdŽ was designed for the rigorous demands of the residential homeowner and business client. The attractive finish and extruded aluminum structure combine to provide a fence and gate system able to withstand harsh corrosive environments.

Gate a point of entry to a space enclosed by walls, or an opening in a fence. Gates may prevent entry, or they may be merely decorative.

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