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Custom Doors Made in Genuine Burmese Teak
Double Doors to Customer's Design & Specifications

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WoodLtdŽ Studio builds custom doors to customer's design, size and specifications. We specialize in carved teak doors and oversize wood doors with high quality requirements. Door Design Process can take many forms depending on the object being designed and the individual or individuals participating. Large groups of people often participate in design charrettes, while smaller groups can work in sub-groups to accomplish specific tasks.

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Door Window and Gate Studio & Workshop

Kuljit - USA Georgia - USA Steven - USA
Phoenix, Arizona Portland, Oregon San Diego, California
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Pre-Hung Double Door Custom Double Door Pre-Hung Single Door
Persian Design Thai Carving Design Classic Design

Peter - USA Fernando - Mexico Christopher - USA
Honolulu, Hawaii San Pedro, Nuevo Leon Ann Arbor, Michigan
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One Exterior Door Oversize Teak Double Door Unfinished Exterior Door
2 Overhead Garage Doors Large 3.4 M Castle Door Grape Carving Design

Philippe - USA Eric - Chicago Juan - Miami
Atlanta, Georgia State of Illinois USA Florida State USA
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Single Exterior Door Two Custom Doors Double Wood Door
Custom Carving Design Design Art Glass Far-East Carving Design

John - USA Stephen - West Indies Lisa - USA
Boston, Massachusetts St Michael-Port, Barbados New York City
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Two Single Wood Doors Custom Royal Gate Two Custom Doors
Moroccan Design Teak Door & Elephants Pocket/Sliding Door

Naz - USA
New Orleans, Louisiana
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Royal Gate Set
Iron Ornamental Gate

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Door Carver as designer and as craftsman. Carving.. Whatever material is used, the essential features of the direct method of carving are the same; the sculptor starts with a solid mass of material and reduces it systematically to the desired form. After he has blocked out the main masses and planes that define the outer limits of the forms, he works progressively over the whole sculpture, first carving the larger containing forms and planes and then the smaller ones until eventually the surface details are reached. Then he gives the surface whatever finish is required. Even with a preliminary model as a guide, the sculptor's concept constantly evolves and clarifies as the work proceeds; thus, as he adapts his design to the nature of the carving process and the material, his work develops as an organic whole.

Door Carving The process of direct carving imposes a characteristic order on the forms of sculpture. The faces of the original block, slab, or cylinder of material can usually still be sensed, existing around the finished work as a kind of implied spatial envelope limiting the extension of the forms in space and connecting their highest points across space. In a similar way, throughout the whole carving, smaller forms and planes can be seen as contained within implied larger ones. Thus, an ordered sequence of containing forms and planes, from the largest to the smallest, gives unity to the work.

Door Design In the context of the applied arts, engineering, architecture and other such creative endeavors, design is both a noun and a verb. The verb is the process of originating and developing a plan for an aesthetic and functional object, which usually requires considerable research, thought, modeling, iterative adjustment and re-design. The noun is used both for the final plan of action, or the result of following that plan of action.

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