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Door Catalogue: in our online door window gate and fence catalog you will find custom doors, antique doors, art glass doors, carved doors, classic doors, coat of arms doors, art doors, double doors, French doors, garage doors, metal gates, Mexican doors, Moroccan doors, teak doors and wood doors. This catalog was created for easy factory direct online orders.

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Tempered Glass is a glass made at the glass factory, it is already pre-cut to size and when it breaks, it will not have sharp edges. Double insulated glass panels doors and window may consist of a double thickness tempered thick glass panel unit. We use tempered safety glass, to which we permanently fire the beautiful glass design. Next we permanently secure another piece of clear tempered safety glass behind this first piece. WoodLtd insulated glass will provide the beauty and quality that your beautiful home demands

Design Doors at WoodLtd Studio, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of elegant and unique carved doors made in Burmese teak. These beautifully handcrafted doors are the result of our ability to combine new world technology with old Asian craftsmanship. Choose from one of our sample design or drawing or let us bring your concept to reality by designing an exceptional custom door to your specifications. Custom Carving: We offer authentic hand carving and art (stained) glass by best Thailands craftsmen in over 4,000 designs for doors, windows, transoms, frames, casing, lintels and gates. In WoodLtd Studio craftsmen hand-build some of the finest wood doors in the world expressly for your home and office. The Antique Series doors combine the classic swing-open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors with the convenience of standard sectional doors.

Door Catalog WoodLtd Studio offers classic, antique-style and carved doors of extraordinary beauty. Please browse through our product line. Clicking on any door image above will show doors, windows and gates in 15 basic categories such as antique, art, artistic, carved, classic, classical, coat of arms, crest, custom, design, art glass, stained glass, windows, double, exterior, French, interior, garage, metal gates, aluminum fence, Mexican, Moroccan, Persian, teak, teakwood, wooden, wood and hardwood. Catalog: a descriptive list, on cards, on Internet, on world wide web, on web-site, on-line or in a book, of the contents of a library. Assurbanipal's library at Nineveh was cataloged on shelves of slate. The first known subject catalog was compiled by Callimachus at the Alexandrian Library in the 3d cent. BC The library at Pergamum also had a catalog. Early in the 9th cent. AD the catalogs of the libraries of the monastery at Reichenau and of the abbey at Saint-Riquier, N France, included summaries of the works cataloged. In 1472 the monastic library at Clairvaux was recataloged and one of the earliest union catalogs was madeof the contents of 160 Franciscan monastery libraries in England. In 1475 the Vatican librarian, Platina, cataloged that library's 2,527 volumes. About 1660 Clement, librarian of the Bibliothque du Roi under Louis XIV, compiled a subject catalog and inventory of manuscripts. The printing of the British Museum catalog was begun by Panizzi as keeper (1837-56) of printed books. Charles A. Cutter devised the modern dictionary catalog (with author, title, and subject arranged in one alphabet) for the Boston Athenaeum library. Melvil Dewey devised his decimal system in the 1870s; the system was widely applied in smaller libraries and many large ones. In 1901 the Library of Congress began the practice of printing its catalog entries on cards 3 by 5 in. (7.6 by 12.7 cm) and distributing them to other libraries for a small fee. The National Union Catalogue, begun in 1952 by the Library of Congress, collated the card catalog entries of the larger American libraries and printed the results in book form. The advent of the computer has dramatically expanded the ability of libraries to provide extensive bibliographic services. By consulting an electronic catalog, such as the WorldCat of the OCLC Online Computer Library Center, a person can access more than 35 million catalog records in some 25,000 libraries around the world.

WoodLtd® Offers wood doors, custom windows and metal gates with authentic hand carving by best Thailands craftsmen. On customer's request we make pre-hung doors, custom windows, transoms and French doors with art or stained glass. All our doors, windows and gates are made to order, 100% hand carved and one-of-a-kind

Gothic Door: Doors in Gothic houses were usually unglazed. In the most strongly Gothic houses, doors were ledged, with vertical planks or planks in a herringbone pattern. Oak was a prized wood. After 1860 it was more common to see glazed and leaded front doors. Typical colours used for painted front doors of pine or deal were dark blue, chocolate brown (favoured by Eastlake), deep red, or else olive green. Graining was also used. A key feature of the front door was a set of ornamental fittings, ideally in wrought iron. Regular door-to-door postal deliveries began in 1840 and the small letter-plate was introduced. Larger items were received by a maid or other domestic servant. The other furniture was a knocker and a pull to help to close the door. Internal Gothic doors might have been ledged, or else were panelled. As with the front door, those of better quality wood were polished, while those of pine and deal were either grained or painted. They were fitted with finger plates of iron or else brass.

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We make doors, windows and gates to customer's design. All you need to provide is a picture or a drawing and we take care of the rest

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Carving time of one door, window or gate takes between 2 to 5 months. Every item we make is unique: one of a kind and the only one

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Custom Doors We have a wide variety of exquisitely designed doors for all areas of your home and office. To view the unique possibilities, click on the doors above or on links just below pictures.

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