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WoodLtdŽ Studio gives you a rare opportunity to create your own elegant interior or exterior door surround or window treatment. All components are made of Burmese teak and can be cut with a standard hand saw and nailed or screwed in place. All parts are fully primed, ready to be painted using any paint. You can use as few or as many WoodLtd door trim components as you wish in your design.

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Door Surround Door Antique Surround Door Large Surround

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Door Art Surround Door Artistic Surround Door Carved Surround

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Door Arch Surround Door Arched Surround Door Classic Surround

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Door Custom Surround Door Design Surround Door Entrance Surround

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Door Entry Surround Door Exterior Surround Door Front Surround

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We make surrounds that replicates Gothic, Roman, Greek, Victorian, colonial, antique, classic and other styles to get just the look you want. Our doors and door surrounds are not only durable, but offer timeless beauty that will enhance your building. There's no need to shop multiple manufacturers or suppliers when you need carved wood, ornamental plaster, mantels, or decorative resin products. Contact WoodLtd for quality craftsmanship delivered to you on time and on budget.

WoodLtd Door Surround helps you efficiently, creatively and uniquely execute your building project. Hardwood window and exterior door surrounds from WoodLtd can be found in commercial and residential buildings worldwide. We offer custom design work, including pattern moulds to fit your specific architectural requirements, unique color and texture matching services, antique design reproduction and more.

WoodLtd offers a variety of door surround styles, including elliptical, eyebrow, flat, gothic, and half round. Our window surround styles include eyebrow, full circle, half round, and oval. When you pick WoodLtd as your architectural building product supplier, you can count on our superior customer service to help you efficiently, creatively and rapidly execute your building project.

WoodLtd offers superior custom made products and outstanding customer service. We offer the best combination of high quality architectural building elements and customer service before, during, and after the project is completed. With several dozens of wood trim, window and door surround styles, column capital and base options, mantel choices, and more, WoodLtd allows designers and builders to achieve the exact look they would like. We known for its superior architectural wood products, pledges to "give our clients more than they expect." Contact WoodLtd today and we'll help you select and design the perfect architectural door surround to make your project a great success.

Solid wood has been the preferred material by architects for centuries for the manufacture of exterior doors, dormer windows, canopies and door surrounds, offering an unique way of providing protection and setting of home surroundings.

WoodLtd is based in Thailand. We are a traditional family run business and have a wealth of knowledge in exotic woods utilizing first class materials with our technical team assisting architects and homeowners to achieve their imaginative designs.

Our products are custom interior and exterior doors and wood door surrounds are perfect way of both setting off a doorway and providing protection to the door and visitor alike.

The main entrance is usually the focal feature of a house or building and our door surrounds are fully custom made to meet clients specific requirements.

Main entry double and single door surrounds. With ease of installation the WoodLtd door and teak window surrounds are the perfect solution for the upkeep of outside decor. Often in a conservation area, property has to be repaired or refurbished in the original style and finish. Equally suitable for traditional, classical and modern buildings our mix and match door heads and pilasters offer an unique way to enhance your entrance.

Custom wood doors and classic door surrounds. WoodLtdŽ Studio manufactures custom high quality solid wood window and door surrounds for residential and commercial building applications.

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The door surrounds shown here illustrate samples of some of the options you may have for your own design.

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Commissioned Projects

Door Surround Design: WoodLtd lets you choose a style, dimensions, pilaster width, add capitals, a frieze and a pediment if you wish.

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Our business are door surrounds for enhancing the finished look of your home. Some door surrounds shown here are with a
stepped profile in center panel and smooth profile are custom made to measure. Utilizing a template or drawing we'll make anything that you need and possibly desire.

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Hardwood exterior and interior doors and door surrounds. WoodLtd custom designed teak entry doors and surrounds in wide
selection of styles from antique, colonial, Victorian, Gothic, classic, ornamental to custom decorative doors and carved door
Door surround is a continuous concrete, wooden, brick, metal or stone "border" around a door that is designed to complement the architecture and enhance the style of the building.
Door surrounds are very important elements of entrances and many early Italianate residences have entrances with molded arching of wood, stone, or sheet metal. These are often highly decorative and add greatly to a building's design. Full surround exterior and interior double door units with radius top doors framed by side lites and radius transoms.
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