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WoodLtdŽ Studio is a recognized leader in custom double doors and brings you thousands of design options - from doors to door-lites, side-lites and double transoms - including one that will turn your house into a beautiful home with increased curb appeal. Thailands most preferred brand of entry doors extends its expertise to oversize doors with the industrys most reliable and innovative collection of beautiful carved doors. WoodLtdŽ provides todays homeowner a solid wood door system that delivers high performance and style to your residence and office.

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Double Door Double Wood Door Double Teak Door

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Double Custom Door Double Antique Door Double Large Door

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Double Huge Door Double Art Door Double Artistic Door

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Double Carved Door Double Classic Door Double Design Door

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Double Entrance Door Double Entry Door Double Exterior Door

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Double Front Door Double Hardwood Door Double Interior Door

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Double Lumber Door Double Timber Door Double Teak Door

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WoodLtdŽ offers entry and patio door systems, including handcrafted decorative door-lites and side-lites, transoms and door lintels. WoodLtdŽ is helping many homeowners to improve the value of their homes with stylish, high-performance doors that create beautiful entryways. Studies find that an enhanced entryway can add substantially to the perceived value of a home, making it one of the highest return on investments and most visible home improvements.

WoodLtdŽ specialize in construction of custom wood doors, interior & exterior doors, entry doors, front doors, French doors, panel doors, solid wood doors, stained glass doors and architectural doors. We will replicate client's exiting door to match old door or we custom build as per your design & style. Our products are used in restoring old traditional houses and historical buildings as well as new constructions. We custom build antique and modern style wood doors. We work from samples and drawings.

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WoodLtdŽ Studio makes custom doors of any shape or size. We enjoy using a customers design and ideas or offering doors of our design. Our doors are constructed using the finest exotic woods available and crafted to endure the tests of time. Our finely crafted hardwood doors and entryways are manufactured from the solid teak and are works of art in their own design. Top quality glues with mortise and tenon construction give our doors extra strength and durability. In fact, our studio warrantee their products against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from date of shipment.
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