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WoodLtdŽ Studio is an Asian's leading manufacturer of double exterior doors made in solid teak and the brand of entry doors most preferred by luxury home builders and architects. WoodLtd pioneered the main entry door manufacturing with the introduction of custom made wood doors build in first class teak. Today WoodLtdŽ Studio is once again revolutionizing the marketplace with the elegant new Classic Exterior Door Collection, the charming new collection and has extended its expertise to art glass doors with the industry's most innovative collection of stained glass doors hinged and sliding patio door systems.

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We Value: craftsmanship and design while utilizing the finest solid woods in the construction of exceptional custom doors. Some of our thoughts on doors: Your door is the "calling card" to your home. It should say who you are and Welcome! We enjoy designing new doors that fit client's tastes and lifestyle. We love to make doors and there are NO design limits. We enjoy making one door or an entire house full of doors. Any door should be constructed to endure for a hundred years. When "good enough" just isn't good enough. Our doors are solid wood (not veneer) and constructed with materials that will endure. If we can't do work that meets our own standards (not to mention our discriminating clients), we just won't do it!

Welcome to WoodLtdŽ Studio, your source for handcrafted exterior and interior doors with a wide variety of designs, styles and wood species, WoodLtd offers its very special door collection to everyone. Whether you have a specific door design in mind or just want to browse, our online catalog lets you view our entire collection. You have several ways to search. You may browse the catalog by using Google search function above or by selecting the door you desire.

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WoodLtdŽ Studio is committed to the highest standards in excellence for quality of design and craftsmanship, manufacturing, safety and technical standards, customer satisfaction and prompt service. We are proud to serve clients from all around the world.

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At WoodLtd, we believe the doors in your home and office are more than just building materials. They become part of the backdrop for the memories of your life.

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Carved Door: these beautiful doors are hand carved on both sides from selected teak. Arched doors are supplied with jamb sets. Jamb sets are also available for standard size doors. Double Exterior Doors: travel to exotic lands with our double door collection of hand carved teak doors. Our solid wood doors are carved in exquisite detail on both sides covering a wide range of cultural styles and images. Jamb sets are available for any size doors. Please email us for quotes on doors, jamb sets and pre-hanging prices.

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Custom Door: will enhance your home with extraordinary craftsmanship. Wood Main Entry Doors: we
make these solid doors in Burmese teak and Malaysian taeng wood. Hardwood sidelights are also available. Our glass panels are made of art and stained glass. Most door styles are available with sidelights, transoms and custom lintels.
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