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WoodLtd® Studio redefines a classic with the arch top French door. Simply elegant alone or in a series of doors, the arch top adds the craftsmanship of our round top windows to one of the most solid, durable doors available. WoodLtd arch top French doors share a very important feature with all our windows: flexibility. Choose two in-swing French door panels for a traditional look. Have your door swing out if you need more room inside. Rails, stiles and a lites pattern on your door can be designed to align with accompanying transoms, round tops or side lites.

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Beautiful Home: deserves a beautiful door and window as its focal point. It sets the tone for the entire house and establishes a feeling of warmth, style and elegance. This important first impression should be entrusted to a durable door of only the highest quality, a door from WoodLtd® Studio Thailand. We offer an extensive selection of doors, sidelights and transoms and all represent excellent value. Offering hundreds of door and art glass combinations; WoodLtd can assure you that your home will have that "special touch and personality."

Door History: glazed doors, dating from the 17th century, first appeared as window casements extended to the floor. French doors (double glazed) were incorporated into English and American architecture in the late 17th and 18th centuries. At about this time, the French developed the mirrored door. French colonial houses can be found in Louisiana, and traditionally are one story with multiple narrow door and window openings. The matching French doors initially had small wrought iron balconies, which became larger with advancements in the wrought iron technology circa 1850. Fires in 1788 and 1791 virtually destroyed the original city of New Orleans; during rebuilding the inclination was toward multi-storied buildings that with shops on ground level and dwellings above, however the structures retained the essence of French colonial architecture.

Passage Doors. The Federal style architecture (1780 to 1820), often a simple box several rooms deep with doors and windows arranged in strict symmetry, was intensely influential in America following the Revolutionary war. The Federal style often features a semi-circular fanlight over the front door, with or without sidelights. Frequently a fanlight was integrated into more sophisticated door surrounds, which may include an ornamental crown or small porch. Curio & Closet Doors. Ghiberti, the Renaissance artist, took over two decades to complete the doors that depict significant passages from the Old Testament. The doors are stored in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. It is said that the panels created by Ghiberti represented a dramatic transformation from the flat, dehumanized work that typified relief sculptures of the time, incorporating the emergent concepts of perspective and humanism.

Door Types: a door may slide or rotate. Sometimes a door, though not just sliding, stays parallel to the wall while opening and closing. Sliding is usually horizontal. In opened position the door may be exposed on one side; a person leaning on that side when the door is closed, can be hurt when the door is opened. Also an object can obstruct the door. Sometimes the door is constructed such that in closed state the sliding door forms a smooth continuation of the wall, e.g. in the case of a sliding side door of a vehicle. The door may also slide between two panels (pocket door). In the case of rotation, the axis of rotation is usually vertical, but e.g. for garage doors often horizontal, above the door opening. Sometimes the axis of rotation is, with a special construction, not in the plane of the door, on the other side than that in which the door opens, to reduce the space required on the side to which the door opens. This is sometimes the case in a train, for the door to the toilet, opening inward. Many kinds of doors have specific names, depending on their purpose. The most common variety of door consists of a single rigid panel that fills the doorway, hinged along one side so that it can fold away from the doorway in one direction but not in the other. Many variations on this basic design are possible, such as "double" doors that have two adjacent independent panels hinged on each side of the doorway. A trapdoor is a door that is oriented horizontally in a floor or ceiling, often accessed via a ladder. A stable door is divided in half horizontally. The top half can be opened to allow the horse to be fed, while the bottom half can be closed to keep the animal inside. Stable doors are also known as Dutch doors. A swing door has special hinges that allow it to open either outwards or inwards, and is usually sprung to keep it closed. Saloon doors are a pair of lightweight swing doors often found in public bars. A blind door is a door with no passage, a 'fake' door that is actually part of the wall. It is used for decorative purposes. An up-and-over door is often used in garages. Instead of hinges it has a mechanism, often counterbalanced or sprung, that allows it to be lifted so that it rests horizontally above the opening. A barn door is a door on a barn. It is often/always found on barns, and because of a barn's immense size (often) doors are subsequently big for utility. A French door is a door that has multiple lights, the full length of the door. Traditional French doors are assembled from individual small pieces of glass and mullions. French doors made of double-pane glass (on exterior doors for insulation reasons) may have the decorative grill embedded between the panes. The decorative grill may also be superimposed on top of single pane of glass in the door. A louvre door has fixed or movable wooden fins (often called slats) which permit open ventilation whilst preserving privacy and preventing the passage of light to the interior. Being relatively weak structures, they are most commonly used for wardrobes and drying rooms, where security is of less importance than good ventilation, although a very similar structure is commonly used to form window shutters. A flush door is a completely smooth, panelled door, having plywood or MDF fixed over a light timber frame, the hollow parts of which are often filled with a cardboard core material. Flush doors are most commonly employed in the interior of a dwelling, although slightly more substantial versions are occasionally used as exterior doors, especially within hotels and other buildings containing many independent dwellings. A garden door is any door that opens to a garden or backyard. It is often used specifically for double French doors in place of a sliding glass door. In such a configuration, it has the advantage of a very large opening for moving large objects in and out.

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Finest Wood and finish: WoodLtd entryways are exactingly created from the finest select hardwoods, including exotic Burmese teak and Malaysian taeng wood. All doors and entry ways are available with a beautiful exterior grade finish, carving and stained glass applied by a master craftsman.

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Stained-Glass is made from small and medium size pieces of glass joined together. In general doors and windows made of colored glass. To a large extent, the name is a misnomer, for staining is only one of the methods of coloring employed, and the best medieval glass made little use of it. Colored glass as window decoration is of great antiquity in East Asia
Sleek and versatile: WoodLtd patio doors have all the advantages of a WoodLtd door in a simple slim package that contains a world of possibilities. Tastefully minimal with impeccable style, our patio door becomes unique when customized with your choices of interior and exterior finishes, carving and lites patterns. With clean lines and contemporary styling, this door makes a statement in functional simplicity that works for both new construction and remodeling. With versatility and performance the WoodLtd French door exceeds what you thought you could find in a patio door.

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Custom Design: a unique benefit offered by our custom product capabilities is the ability to combine standard products with custom designed additions to create a unique entryway statement. The entryway shown here used a standard doors with custom designed sidelights and transom. Stunning! Glass beveled by hand: each piece of beveled glass is cut and beveled by hand in the beveled glass shop, which is a part of our custom stained and beveled glass workshop. Your designs or our professional designers. Use your own designs, or rely upon our design department, and your dreams will become reality.
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