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Our finely crafted hardwood doors and entryways are manufactured from the heartiest of woods and are works of art in their own design. Top quality glues with mortise and tenon construction give our doors extra strength and durability. We warrantee our door products against manufacturing defects for a period of two years from date of shipment.

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WoodLtd Studio is your number one source for fine hardwood doors and wood moldings. We specialize in custom doors, pre-hung doors, business, office and home doors. We offer hard-to-find exterior and interior solid wood doors such as carved doors, teak doors, extra large doors, custom design doors, huge-heavy-thick doors, tall-wide doors, artistic doors and custom made doors. We also offer an extensive line of architectural moldings, door casings, jambs, transoms, lintels and door frames. We make exterior and interior wooden doors in tropical hardwood, solid wood, Asian lumber, Malaysian timber, Burmese teak, padauk, taengwood, asana and Shorea Robusta wood.

Teak is a large deciduous tree, its wood, one of the most valuable timbers. Teak has been widely used in India for more than 2,000 years. The name teak is from the Malayalam word tAkka. Native to Thailand, India and Myanmar (Burma). The tree is not found near the coast; the most valuable forests are on low hills. Teak timber is valued in warm countries principally for its extraordinary durability. In India and Myanmar, beams of the wood in good preservation are often found in buildings many centuries old, and teak beams have lasted in palaces and temples more than 1,000 years. The timber is practically imperishable under cover. Teakwood is used for shipbuilding, fine furniture, door and window frames, wharves, bridges, cooling-tower louvers, flooring, paneling, railway cars, and Venetian blinds. An important property of teak is its extremely good dimensional stability. It is strong, of medium weight, and of average hardness. Termites eat the sapwood but rarely attack the heartwood; it is not, however, completely resistant to marine borers. Myanmar produces most of the world's supply, with Indonesia, India, and Thailand ranking next in production. Since the mid-1980s, numerous countries have restricted teak logging to control deforestation.

Shorea Wood, genus of plants in the family Dipterocarpaceae, comprising 180 species of tall South Asian evergreen trees that are valuable for their hardwood. Sal (S. robusta) is perhaps the second most important timber tree (after teak) in the Indian subcontinent. Sal and S. taluraare also grown for the culture of lac scale insects that produce the resin used in shellac. S. macrophylla produces illipe nuts, which contain a fat used as a substitute for cocoa butter. Dumala (S. oblongifolia), a very large tree, yields dammar resin.

Hardwood: the term hardwood designates wood from angiosperm trees. Hardwood contrasts with softwood, which comes from conifer trees. On average, hardwood is of higher density and hardness than softwood, but there is considerable variation in actual wood hardness in both groups, with a large amount of overlap; some hardwoods (e.g. balsa) are softer than most softwoods. They have broad leaves and enclosed nuts or seeds such as acorns. They often grow in sub tropical regions like Africa and also in Europe and other countries. Hardwood species are more varied than softwood. There are about a hundred times as many hardwood species than there are softwoods. The vessels may show considerable variation in size, shape of perforation plates (simple, scalariform, reticulate, foraminate), and structure of cell wall (e.g. spiral thickenings). Hardwoods serve an enormous range of applications, including buildings, furniture, flooring, utensils, etc. In Australia where softwood is scarce, hardwood may be the wood of choice for structural components of constructions.

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Design Doors: with our wide range of designs, you can select an exterior or interior door for your home that perfectly express your own
personal style.

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Hardwood: six most valuable tropical hardwoods are: teak, Indian rosewood, lignum vitae, zebrawood, padauk and tulipwood.

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WoodLtd Doors are the creation of Thailand's best artisans. Using a combination of beautiful wood, magnificent carving and uniquely engineered components, our custom stile and rail doors are unmatched in terms of quality and
craftsmanship. Each solid core door is individually designed, hand-carved, assembled and handled with care. In-depth inspections are conducted to ensure that only the highest quality products are shipped from our studio.

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Wood Entry Door may be enhanced with choice of stained glass, caming and other decorative details. We also offer a range of new traditional designs to increase your options. Whichever design you select, we'll ensure that every detail of your WoodLtd door reflects the highest standards.
Narra Wood is also called Asana, any of several timber trees of the genus Pterocarpus. The name refers especially to P. indicus, or India padauk, or the hardwood, noted for its ability to take a
high polish, that is derived from the trees.
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