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WoodLtd® Studio has a long history as one of the Asian's leading manufacturer of custom made doors, frames, windows and steel gates. WoodLtd® doors and frames are being mainly exported to USA, Canada, European Union, Japan and Australia. WoodLtd® Studio is committed not only to providing the best doors in the industry but also to supporting its customers with dependable delivery and exceptional service

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At WoodLtd® we strive to maintain the highest quality which is required in any of our handcrafted products. Only the finest, premium and select kiln-dried Burmese teak is used. We design and build custom made doors to your individual specifications. We do not use any veneers in our products. Every door receives the highest level of handcrafted attention to detail marking our work with uncompromising excellence, beauty, structural integrity & durability.

Our wooden doors and windows are finished to 1-1/8" featuring mortise and tenon joinery. We manufacture wide selection of door and window styles and welcome any customer's drawings for a quotation.
WoodLtd® takes great pride in customizing each order. You can feel confident that every order will be handled with the utmost personal attention.

There is an ancient tradition of door and window production and wood carving in northern Thailand, using prime quality local, Laotian and Burmese woods and highly sophisticated wood-working techniques. Materials used are superb quality solid woods and the workmanship is unparalleled by anything which craftsmen in the West are still able to produce. WoodLtd® Studio adds the benefits of modern management to the ancient traditions of Thai craftsmanship to bring you the best in quality and value

Teak Source our timber comes from renewable source. All doors are hand made by skilled craftsmen who have carved teak products for generations. Teak is not a rainforest timber, and is grown in deciduous forests. Today, an increasing portion of Teak comes from government-managed plantations. Each door has a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate to guarantee the source was a sustainable plantation...The FSC is a non-profit organization whose members include environmental and social groups, and progressive forestry and timber related companies who work together to improve global forest management...FSC endorsement of a product indicates that the timber used to make it comes from a source that has been certified by the FSC as being well-managed and meeting sound environmental, social, and economic standards

Door and Gate Manufacturing In a class by itself is the manufacture of reproduction period doors and furniture. The best work in this field is of an extremely high standard; and, although it often has to make concession to modern materials in using solid wood (teak) for parts, it usually follows traditional methods of construction, at least where visible machine work would be obvious. On the other hand, all moldings are worked on the spindle molder, and shapes cut on the bandsaw or jigsaw.

It is in this work that wood carving is chiefly used. Because of its high cost, carving has largely disappeared from modern doors and furniture, but to us, the manufacturer of reproduction doors and furniture it is an obvious necessity. From early times and certainly from the 17th century, wood carving has been a separate trade. A highly skilled calling, it demands artistic sense as well as manual dexterity. It has become divided into classes of which doors, furniture and indoor decoration represent only one branch, with further subdivision within the branch.

In the commercial grade of doors and furniture there is wide variation in quality, from the lowest priced goods to high-grade items in which individual hand workmanship is used for processes where the quality would suffer if the machine were used.

Wood: the wood is kiln dried for 2 weeks to a moisture content of 10-12% and has an additional week or so of "resting" to allow the wood to reabsorb moisture in the air. This process ensures that the wood regains its dimensional stability and will not warp or split. This critical stage of reabsorbing moisture allows the doors to withstand the rigors of climatic change

Carving and Sculpture is any three-dimensional form created as an artistic expression. The term sculpture also refers to the artistic discipline, act or art of making sculpture, by the manipulation of materials or, in contemporary art, by designating an object or even an act as sculpture. The artist who does this is called a sculptor. Sculpture is also the collective term for a collection or genre of sculptures. i.e. Greek Classical Sculpture, or Exhibition of Sculpture. The process of manipulating materials for sculpture is to sculpt. A sculpted object or material has been worked to resemble sculpture either by human hands or by nature. A figure or person can be sculpturesque meaning that it shares qualities with classical figurative sculpture or statue.

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We build doors and windows exclusively in solid teak and taengwood, no veneers. Gates and fences are made in aluminum. We export our products worldwide. Our major markets are United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Office hours: by appointment only. We speak English, Thai, Lao, Slovak and Polish

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WoodLtd® Studio was established by American and European business professionals. We design, manufacture and export wood doors, art windows and custom gates.
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All products are made to order. We make doors, windows and gates to your design - or you can choose from among ours

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Top Grade Kiln-Dried Teak :: we use only premium grade teak. Many other manufacturers use secondary quality wood including sapwood. Your doors will be made from kiln-dried teak

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