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Moroccan Door: Morocco wooden doors, Moorish double doors, wood Morocco gateways and Moorish carved doors! Moroccan doors are the best sign that a Moroccan house is about. Moroccans say a beautiful house is known by its beautiful door. We offer a wide range of Moroccan style doors, an unique art of Moroccan living, which makes it possible to recreate the warmth of hospitality and the cultural elegance of Mediterranean design right for your own home or office!

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Moroccan Style Door Moroccan Reproduction Door Moroccan Antique Door

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WoodLtd Offers Anglo Indian style doors with large bases in unique original design. Indian carving with European influence. Antique style door from the once French enclave in India, Pandacheri. Perfect for wine cellar or to give character to any house. Antique doors in frame hinged and ready to use. Fine flower carvings on frame sides and over and under lintel. South India. Gujarat temple door, carved in hardwood, inset with brass plaques. A beautiful pair of small teak doors with massive carved frame ideal for wine cellar. A teak door, each square inset with old brass studs. Spectacularly deep carved framed door. Never seen better than this! Huge iron hinges. Set into your guest house and "Shahrazad" will come.

Berbers The early Berbers were unmoved by the colonizing Phoenicians, and even the Romans did little to upset the Berber way of life after the sack of Carthage in 146 BC. All the same, the Romans ushered in a long period of peace during which many cities were founded, and the Berbers of the coastal plains became city dwellers. Christianity turned up in the 3rd century AD, and again the Berbers asserted their traditional dislike of centralized authority by following Donatus (a Christian sect leader who claimed that the Donatists alone constituted the true church).

Morocco officially Kingdom of Morocco, Arabic Al-Maghrib, or Al-Mamlakah al-MaghribYyah country of northwestern North Africa that lies directly across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. It borders Algeria to the east and southeast, Western Sahara to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. It is the only African country with coastal exposure to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. With the Western Sahara's 97,344 square miles (252,120 square km), Morocco occupies a total area of 274,461 square miles (710,850 square km). Casablanca is the largest city, primary seaport, and commercial and industrial hub. Rabat is the capital and the country's second largest city.

Because of its lack of natural harbors, its rugged mountainous interior, and its distance throughout its history from imperial centers in the east, Morocco remained relatively free from foreign invasion until the early 20th century. This enabled it to preserve a proud traditional character, which is a rich blend of Berber, Arab-Islamic, Iberian, and African cultural influences. Those traits were joined by an infusion of European cultural elements during the colonial period (191256) when Morocco was a protectorate of both France and Spain.

Brief History: Unlike other North African nations, Morocco has been largely occupied by one group of people for as long as recorded history can recall. The Berbers, or Imazighen (men of the land), settled in the area thousands of years ago and at one time controlled all of the land between Morocco and Egypt. Divided into clans and tribes, they have always jealously guarded their independence. It's this fierce spirit that has helped preserve one of Africa's most fascinating cultures.

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Delightful antique door always makes a grand entrance and a gracious exit - these words of wisdom have endured throughout the ages. Now home builders are putting the same philosophy into practice when picking doors for their abodes.

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We offer hard-to-find exterior and interior doors such as craftsman doors, mission style doors, teak doors, arched doors and custom wood doors. To set off our fine hardwood doors.

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WoodLtd offers an extensive line of architectural moldings. With over 600 different door casings, 35 crown moldings, and 50 unique baseboard designs, you are sure to find something that will look great in your home or office. These beautiful hardwood doors are available in a wide variety of solid wood raised panel designs. Unlike most raised panel wood doors, these doors have solid teak panels with thick hardwood stave core stile construction. This insures a warp free door that can be sanded without any risk.
Morocco is a country of contrast, from the startling blue sky and breath-taking landscapes, to the souks that transport you back in history. The Moroccan sense of color derives from nature, dating back to the earliest Berber traditions, over 1000
years ago. Color is used to create pecific moods in the home. Intricate patterns and beautiful mosaics are hallmarks of Moroccan design. Evocative textures and architectural shapes used in Moroccan houses and palaces also find their way into
everyday items and fabrics.
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