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Persian Doors Hardwood Custom Made
Antique Indian Hindu Style Architectural

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WoodLtd Persian Door: we're a Persian door studio that brings into your home a new and unique tone. Our collection of doors is handcrafted by professional artisans. Persian door designs are as endlessly various as the country itself. We would like you to share with us this contemporary old world doors of the sun-soaked land that stretches from the Sahara to the Mediterranean. Add to your home this unique touch. All our doors are handmade by highly skilled Thai artists.

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Persian Antique Door Persian Taj Mahal Door Massriya Persian Door

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Moorish Persian Door Majestic Persian Door Wooden Persian Door

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Old Castle Persian Door Ornate Persian Door Huge Old Persian Door

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Oversize Persian Door Super Large Persian Door Big Wood Persian Door

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Caidale Persian Door Mosque Persian Door Sultan Persian Door

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Marrakesh Persian Door Riad Persian Door Emperor Persian Door

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Sevilla Persian Door Granada Persian Door Portobello Persian Door

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WoodLtd Persian Door Studio has a large collection of artisan made doors of all kinds. Featured here is a sampling of our antique entry doors. We also offer a large supply of antique panel doors (1 panels, 2 panels, 4 panel Victorians, 5 panels), oversize doors, older style French doors and extra large heavy oversize doors. We're your one-stop source for fine hardwood doors and wood moldings. We specialize in custom doors, pre-hung doors, commercial and home doors, along with matching architectural wood moldings. Looking for pre-hung wood doors and wood trim for your home or office? How about custom wooden doors or architectural wood moldings made from our finest Burmese teak.

History: Islam burst onto the world stage in the 7th century when armies swept out of Arabia. Quickly conquering Egypt, the Arabs controlled all of North Africa by the start of the 8th century. By the next century much of North Africa had fragmented, with the move towards a united Morocco steadily growing. A fundamentalist Berber movement emerged from the chaos caused by the Arab invasion, overrunning Morocco and Muslim Andalucia. The Almoravids founded Marrakesh as their capital, but they were soon replaced by the Almohads.

Under these new rulers, a professional civil service was set up and the cities of Fs, Marrakesh, Tlemcen and Rabat reached the peak of their cultural development. But eventually weakened by Christian defeats in Spain, and paying the price for heavily taxing tribes, the Muslim (or Moorish) rule began to wane. In their place came the Merenids, from the Moroccan hinterland, and the area again blossomed - until the fall of Spain to the Christians, in 1492, unleashed a revolt that dissolved the new dynasty within 100 years.

Persia the kingdom of Iran in southwestern Asia. The term was used for centuries, chiefly in the West, and originated from a region of southern Iran formerly known as Persis, alternatively as P(rs, or Parsa, modern F(rs. Parsa was the name of an Indo-European nomadic people who migrated into the region about 1000 BC. The first mention of the Parsa occurs in the annals of Shalmanesar III, an Assyrian king, in 844. During the rule of the Persian Achaemenian dynasty (559330 BC), the ancient Greeks first encountered the inhabitants of Persis on the Iranian Plateau, when the Achaemenian kingdom was expanding. The use of the name was gradually extended by the ancient Greeks and other Western peoples to apply to the whole Iranian Plateau. The people of Iran have always called their country Iran, Land of the Aryans. In 1935 the government of Iran requested that the name Iran be used instead of Persia.

Pocket Doors Symmetrical lines characterize the Colonial style, with two windows on either side of a central doorway, and five windows across the second floor. Influenced by architects in England whose prototypes were being imitated by colonies builders. The influences of the English architectural style spread through urban centers and into rural areas as well.

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Doors with Style WoodLtd Studio offers aesthetic wooden doors in Berber design. Our door exhibit represents a wide variety of styles. Each door is individually handcrafted with elegant Islamic design. They're made in Burmese teakwood.

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Louvered doors have a louvered opening that allows the circulation of air. Also known as blind doors, louvers of the louvered door were set at an angle permitting substantial air passage yet maintaining the occupants privacy by blocking visual contact.

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Antique doors are critical points in historically significant buildings, porches and entrances help define the architectural style of the structure. The Porch functions as a transitional, gathering place, and the antique door is a functional yet ornate component of the home. The focal point of the porch and entrance is the antique door, an essential characteristic crucial to architectural style. Batten Doors. Spanish colonial structures, dating from approximately 1600 to 1850, were generally one-story homes with low pitched or flat roofs, built of adobe brick or rubble stone, and covered with stucco. They had multiple external batten doors and few window openings which usually had grills or bars and heavy shutters controlled from the interior. There was no glass.
Entry Doors Georgian homes were built of wood or brick depending upon materials locally available. Characteristics include symmetry around a central entrance, usually a paneled wood entry door, centered and capped by an elaborate decorative crown, and supported by decorative pilasters. Georgian homes are the most elaborate residential structures built in the colonies during the 18th Century.
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