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WoodLtd Studio is a home of indigenous Burmese teak, an exotic, rare, tropical hardwood crafted into windows, doors and furniture of heirloom quality. Our specialty is the creation of windows and doors to customer specification or architectural design, using the famous royal golden teak, a rich, glowing, uniquely grained timber which is heavier and very different in both color and texture to any of know wood species.

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Our wide selection of doors range from solid traditional and colonial designs to glazed doors, arched doors with matching arched frames, sliding doors and sidelight doors. All door designs are available in any thickness, width and height. WoodLtd doors are assembled with a custom design mortise and tenon; all joints are glued and dowelled. A wide range of sliding doors and sidelight frames are available in cottage, full pane, horizontal bar and custom designs. Sliding doors are fully fitted with solid brass sliding track, wheels and top guides. Locks and handles are not provided. Sidelight frames may be fitted with a choice of custom doors to match or specially sized solid doors of clients choice. Adding character to the front or inside of larger buildings, our arched door is an all-time classic. Most of our solid wood doors can be transformed by the addition of glazing. Custom art glass effects will add very unique individuality.

Teak, its Latin name is "Tectona Grandis Linn". Teakwood or Golden Teak is the king of hardwoods and it's one of the world's most valuable timbers, recognized for its durability and stability. Teak is more durable than any other hardwood and has unparalleled rich beauty. Teak can withstand all types of weather. Ancient Burmese and Thai royalty considered teak to be a royal tree. It has been the pillar of the shipbuilding industry for centuries. The decks of the Titanic were covered in teak, and the wood is as good today as the day she sank on 1912. Teak is also used in the Middle East oil industry as one of the very few timbers that can withstand the punishing heat of the desert and will not readily catch fire. Teak can withstand harsh chemicals, and is resistant to fungi, rot and termites. Unlike other woods, teak does not turn black when in contact with metals. It looks best when applied transparent and light colors. Teak large deciduous tree of the family Verbenaceae, or its wood, one of the most valuable timbers. Teak has been widely used in India for more than 2,000 years. The name teak is from the Malayalam word tAkka. The tree has a straight but often buttressed stem (i.e., thickened at the base), a spreading crown, and four-sided branchlets with large quadrangular pith. The leaves are opposite or sometimes whorled in young specimens, about 0.5 meter (1.5 feet) long and 23 cm (9 inches) wide. In shape they resemble those of the tobacco plant, but their substance is hard and the surface rough. The branches terminate in many small white flowers in large, erect, cross-branched panicles. The fruit is a drupe (fleshy, with a stony seed) 1.7 cm (two-thirds of an inch) in diameter. The bark of the stem is about 1.3 cm (half an inch) thick, gray or brownish gray, the sapwood white; the unseasoned heartwood has a pleasant and strong aromatic fragrance and a beautiful golden yellow color, which on seasoning darkens into brown, mottled with darker streaks. The timber retains its aromatic fragrance to a great age. Native to India, Myanmar (Burma), and Thailand, the tree grows as far north as about the 25th parallel in most of this area but to the 32nd parallel in the Punjab. The tree is not found near the coast; the most valuable forests are on low hills up to about 900 meters (3,000 feet). Stands are also found in the Philippines and in Java and elsewhere in the Malay Archipelago. Teak is also planted in Africa and Central America.

Door: is a generally floor-length opening in a wall (or other partition), often equipped with a hinged or sliding panel which can be moved to leave the opening accessible, or to close it more or less securely. Doors are nearly universal in structures of all kinds (especially houses and other buildings), allowing passage between inside and outside, or among internal rooms. Doors are also found in vehicles, cupboards, cages, etc. The purpose of a door opening is: to allow people, animals and objects to pass, for ventilation. The purpose of a door closure is: preventing passage of air; reducing air drafts and creating an enclosed space that can be heated or cooled more effectively (revolving doors are especially efficient for this purpose), privacy and noise reduction, keeping occupants inside a vehicle, regulation of access, especially when combined with various types of locks, for aesthetics (e.g. cupboard doors cutting off view of the contents), to help prevent the spread of fire. Doors and doorways can also appear in metaphorical or mystical situations; for example, a spiritualist might speak of "opening a door to the other world". Doors can have ritual purposes (one example concerns the doorkeeping duties of the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod). The term door can refer either to the opening or to the movable panel which closes it. The term doorway can be used to refer specifically to the opening. When framed in wood for snug fitting of a door, the doorway consists of two vertical jambs on either side, a lintel or head jamb at the top, and perhaps a threshold at the bottom.

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Ask us to reproduce your ideas in a piece of lasting beauty: for inspiration, browse through our web site to see how versatile and creative our studio is. Purpose-made designs are our specialty - as long as a suitable drawing with accurate specifications is provided. Architect-designed buildings often use the splendor of teak to create a special effect as an unusual feature.

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WoodLtd has been manufacturing high quality solid teak doors for many years. We have been commissioned to produce carvings of American scenes and churches, company logos and university emblems. Anything is possible given a suitable photograph or drawing which may be graphically reproduced on wood by the carvers. Creating light inside a building can be done to spectacular effect with a custom window design in teak. There are almost no limits to how far we can go to make your dream house truly unique.
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