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WoodLtd Studio is a custom door and window manufacturer that builds historic reproduction wooden doors, stained glass windows and custom designs for residential, institutional and commercial projects. Our historically accurate doors and windows meet and exceed conserver and customer expectations. WoodLtd doors and windows are fabricated according to individual specifications and in an infinite range of designs and sizes. We offer experienced technical assistance to architects, contractors and homeowners. Specializing in custom build wooden doors, reproduction and sash for historic preservation and restoration.

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Wood Doors offer the most traditional look. The familiar look and feel of a well-crafted wooden door sends an inviting message of home and hearth. The substantial weight of a wooden door adds a sense of security and sturdiness to your home. These doors may be painted or stained for a natural, warm appearance. Wooden doors are usually made using frame and panel construction to counteract the effects of climatic or seasonal changes.

News European, American and Japanese consumer appreciates Thailand's manufactured wooden doors and windows for their good insulation, low cost, attractive color and design. Casement and double-hung windows are popular with cost-conscious home builders. The more expensive bay and bow doors are gaining popularity too. Double-sliding windows, a common fixture in traditional Japanese homes, dominate the market.

Natural Wood The increase in the demand for reasonably priced furniture has placed a premium on the economical use of wood. Natural wood is extremely wasteful as a material. Hardly more than 25 percent of the natural substance of a tree actually goes into the furniture made of solid wood. When account is taken of the loss in sawdust in conversion from the tree trunk (taking off the outer slab portions and sapwood) and the further loss in bringing the lumber to usable size in the workshop (the off-cuts, waste in sawing shapes, in turning, in planing, cutting joints, and final cleaning up), it becomes evident that much more wood is wasted than used.

Wood the principal strengthening and nutrient-conducting tissue of trees and other plants and one of the most abundant and versatile natural materials. Produced by many botanical species, wood is available in various colors and grain patterns. It is strong in relation to its weight, is insulating to heat and electricity, and has desirable acoustic properties. Furthermore, it imparts a feeling of warmth not possessed by competing materials such as metals, and it is relatively easily worked. As a material, wood has been in service since humans appeared on Earth. Today, in spite of technological advancement and competition from metals, plastics, cement, and other materials, wood maintains a place in most of its traditional roles, and its serviceability is expanding through new uses. In addition to well-known products such as lumber, furniture, and plywood, wood is the raw material for wood-based panels, pulp and paper, and many chemical products. Finally, wood is still an important fuel in much of the world.

Hardwood The term hardwood designates wood from angiosperm trees. Hardwood contrasts with softwood, which comes from gymnosperm (coniferous) trees. They are in general of higher density and hardness, but there is considerable variation in actual wood hardness in both groups, with a large amount of overlap. Hardwoods are usually used in appearance products such as furniture, flooring, etc. In some regions where softwood is scarce, such as Australia, hardwood may also be used for structural components of constructions.

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree, with the botanic name Tectona grandis, family Verbenaceae. It is native to the south and east of South Asia and much of Southeast Asia, and is commonly found as a component of monsoon forest vegetation. It is now widely planted elsewhere in the tropics. The timber is used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, luxury doors and other articles where weather resistance is desired. It is also used for indoor flooring. Teak is easily worked, beautiful, and has natural oils that make it suitable for use in exposed locations. The best teak wood is old teak, which is more durable and harder. New teak is more prone to splitting and water damage. Its popularity has led to growth in sustainable production on plantations. Contrary to popular belief, teak does not grow in the rainforest and its consumption encompasses a different set of environmental concerns, such as the disappearance of rare hardwood teaks or supporting oppressive regimes. Much of the world's teak is exported by Indonesia and Burma.

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Choosing an exterior door: your entry door is the first thing people notice when they come to your home. It makes a statement and sets the tone for the rest of the house.

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Is your door sending the right message? If not, let us help you select the right door for your home. You will learn the key terms you need to know as well as different styles and designs available for doors.

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Wooden Accents: there are plenty of accents available to help you fully customize your entryway to your needs and desires. Glass: all door types are available with decorative glass. While most doors have insulated glass for energy efficiency, others may have beveled, silk-screened or stained glass with genuine brass caming (joining strips for segmented glass). The glass may be one large lite or have a grille that separates the glass into several lites. Sidelites are available for all types of doors. You may use one sidelite on either side of the door or have one on each side. Transoms are available for all types of our doors, in three distinct shapes: arch, ellipse and box. In-glass blinds, some doors may have adjustable blinds made inside the glass pane.
Brief news: Japanese buyers place a great emphasis on flawless appearance and zero defects. Commitment to meeting these demands will be crucial as third-country and Japanese producers step up their efforts to compete with Thailand's companies for this growing segment of the window and door market in Japan.
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